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10 Ways To Use Canned Fruits And Vegetables

10 Ways To Use Canned Fruits And Vegetables

If you’re new here, you probably didn’t know this, but Spanglish Spoon wasn’t always called Spanglish Spoon. When I first started blogging, my whole theme was centered around making meals quicker and simpler by using common pantry items. For that reason, I named my blog The Pantry Dish. As my cooking skills evolved and I became more comfortable experimenting with,…

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What I learned about CA Strawberries at Ramos Farms

CA Strawberries Farm Tour

This post is sponsored by the California Strawberry Commission. All opinions, thoughts, and images are my own. You know what I love about living in California? Everything! Especially the weather. If you were to search for the states with the best weather, California would definitely be on every list. And if you were to search where the best cities with best weather…

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How oils are made

There is a good reason why oils only make up a teeny tiny part of the food pyramid diagram.  We are advised by doctors and nutritionists to use them sparingly, or not at all if possible, but the reality is, it has become a part of our cooking regime for many cultures.  Especially for Latinos!  It could very well be…

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