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Chocolate Pudding & A Toddlers’ Perspective



(This post was originally published on 3/20/2010.)

The other day I was scrambling through our pantry to find something that would satisfy my craving for a dessert, but couldn’t find that “just right” fix.

A candy bar?
A handful of chocolate morsels?
A cookie?

And then I found it.
The classic of classics in an old-school dessert.
Instant Chocolate Pudding.


Ingredients for the easiest dessert ever invented:

2 cups of cold milk
1 box of instant chocolate pudding.

This should be a chocolate lovers pantry staple.


Find the nearest kiddo around you and have him or her stir until they can’t stir anymore.  Hand them the camera and take over the stirring.

Want to see this from a 2-year-old’s perspective?


Pretty cool ha!  She took this series of seven pictures on her own.This goes to show us that we should never underestimate the creativity and uniqueness of a child, no matter how small they are or whatever challenges they face.


She must have noticed the pudding was done because she put the camera down and said
“I taste”.


Now, I can’t help but wonder…..
Is this a healthy snack if I add fresh strawberries to it?  Or not?

Wishful thinking, I know.

Now I want pudding.