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Exciting news!

Baked chiles rellenos in pastry dough

At long last, a post from me. You might be wondering why I haven’t been posting regularly on Spanglish Spoon lately. Trust me, it isn’t because I choose not to. Nor is it because I’ve lost interest in experimenting and cooking in the kitchen either. The opposite has happened in fact. Beginning in July of this year, I started writing…

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Mexican Hot Dogs

Mexican Hot Dog

Here is a true definition of Spanglish cooking. The reason I love my blog and the food in it. A hot dog in a tortilla, topped with a simple ensalada de nopales. I am a cross-bred cook who loves to take the best of both worlds and bring them together to make my taste buds sing, “halleluiah, give me more!”…

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The road to better health starting with homemade corn tortillas

  There’s nothing like a trip to the ER to kick your New Years weight loss resolution into high gear.  Even though getting on a diet was not at the top of my list, I nonetheless received a massive wake-up call to the reality of my current health status on the first day of 2015.  Diagnosis:  gallstones,  and a large piece…

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5-Minute Breakfast Tacos

5-Minute Breakfast Tacos

Ahhh breakfast.  My favorite meal of the day.  I’m one of those people that can have breakfast for lunch and/or dinner.  You ever do that?  We especially are fond of brunch over here since it usually entails sleeping in and having breakfast.  Today’s post is a simple breakfast (or brunch) recipe that I made last week.  It literally took five…

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