30 days of smoothies challenge!

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie 1Hey there lovely Spanglish Spoon readers!  Have you jumped on the Smoothie train yet?  No matter how hard I try to include smoothies in my daily meal planning,  I still find it difficult to keep up with this routine.  It’s probably the best thing I have done for my body ever, and yet I still have a hard time keeping up with it.  But don’t you worry my friends, I’ve found a solution to help us all stick with the program and fuel our bodies with natural vitamins and antioxidants that we need on a daily basis.

The solution: A site called Simple Green Smoothies.  The two genius ladies running the show there (Jen & Jadah) have created a powerhouse of a site aimed at educating the world about the benefits of adding one green smoothie into our daily lifestyle.  The green smoothie recipe I am sharing today is from Simple Green Smoothies.

What intrigued me to try this particular recipe from their site was the beet.  If you’ve been here a while, you know beets are a new ingredient in my kitchen.  Vegetables were not always a priority in my regular meal planning like they should have been.  Beets never even made it onto the shopping list until recently when I had my gallbladder removed and started eating beets.

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Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie 5Getting used to the taste of beets wasn’t easy for me.  The first time I tried this recipe, I did not expect to like it because of the raw beet, but it surprised me!  I actually enjoyed it!  That’s why I felt the need to share their recipe here along with a link to their free 30-day green smoothie challenge.  What I love about the Simple Green Smoothie website is all the wonderful tips, recipes, advice and nutritional knowledge that supports their purpose.

Beginning today, you are invited to join them, along with thousands of other smoothie drinkers, to a 30-day challenge by adding one smoothie a day to your regular meal planning.  Consider it a bonus snack!  They provide you with a detailed shopping list for each smoothie, and you reap the reward of a vitamin-packed drink.  Even if you aren’t able to do the full 30 days, sign up for their emails and get those recipes for later use!  Spring break is upon us and we are all going to be busy.  Maybe too busy to keep up?!  BUT, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!  If 30 days seems impossible, try committing to at least every other day, or at the very least on the weekends.

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie 2The point here is to challenge yourself to do at least one good thing for your body for 30 days straight – regardless of when you start.  The Simple Green Smoothies Facebook Community will provide you with immeasurable support. Trust me, you are going to feel different, lighter, and healthier at the end of the 30 days!

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie

Simple Green Smoothies is not a diet plan and does not recommend following a restrictive diet during this challenge. Visit their 30-day challenge sign-up page for more information.

by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.