7 Game Day Menu Ideas

7 Game-Day Menu Ideas to serve at your party

Who’s ready for the Big Game?!!! Yeah, me neither. It’s a good thing we have a few weeks to plan for it though, right? To help you (and me) get started on thinking about what to serve for the game or take along with you if your going to a friends house, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite party food on Spanglish Spoon.

7 Game-Day Menu Ideas

7 Game-Day Menu Ideas

Let’s start with something you can prepare a day or two in advance. Salsa! This Easy Fresh Salsa is…well…EASY. Seriously the easiest salsa ever and almost begs to be made a few days in advance. You might want to make a double batch of this one.


Easy-Fresh-Salsa-SpanglishSpoonAnother salsa you can make a day or two in advance is this salsa verde that I made for Tacos with Avocado Slices. The ingredients are simple and will make any vegetarian attending your Game-Day party happy if you have avocado slices to go with it.

Chile Verde Chunky Salsa 13And while we’re on the subject of salsa verde, I just have to share one more since it’s my favorite kind of salsa.

This one is a Salsa Verde Without Tomatillos and has the consistency of a hot sauce as opposed to a chunky salsa.

Salsa Verde Sauce Without TomatilloTo fill your guest’s bellies, you can make a Game Day Green Chili that is great all by itself, or over nachos.

Green Chili With Minced MeatIf you’re serving hot dogs, I propose making a Mexican Hot Dog with an Ensalda de Nopales. This one is best served fresh so leave it for last.

Even if you’re not serving hot dogs, or you’ve never had nopales before, you should try this salad sometime. Especially during the summer. It’s so refreshing and simple to make.

Hot Dog in a tortilla with cactus saladAnother option if you’re firing up the grill is a dip that you can prep for ahead of time and combine everything together to warm up just before your guests start to arrive.

Grilled corn and chile appetizer with Cacique cheese. (This is a sponsored recipe posted on the Cacique® blog)
Grilled Anaheim chile and corn with melted queso enchillado - Cacique CheeseSomething that I’ve been considering making if we end up hosting the big game this year again is this Stuffed Poblano Peppers recipe, but on a larger scale. I’m thinking of making a big tray of these. Maybe even switching out the breadcrumbs for shredded chicken!

Baked chiles rellenos with mushrooms.

Maybe I am ready for the big game after all! Ha!And just like that, my work is done. Now to make a grocery list of my choices! 😉

And just like that, my work is done. Now to make a grocery list of my choices! 😉

Have a happy day, friends!

7 Game-day menu ideas

by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.

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