Cheers to 2015!!

Cheers to 2015I can’t believe we are only hours away from a new year!  What the heck?!  Where did the time go?  I remember being a little girl and hearing the adults talk about how fast time flies, and to enjoy my youth because once we become adults, time passes much quicker.  Now I find myself telling my 7-year-old the same thing.  My babies are growing by the minute, and each day I try to soak up as much of their little personalities and features, and gestures as I can.  They change so quickly.

This new years eve I want to make it special for them.  My plan is to make a buffet of appetizers that they would enjoy.  A little bit of something for everyone in our family of four.  So I asked for requests, and here’s what they said….

Deviled eggs for Mr. Chavez,

Chicken wings and mashed potatoes with gravy for the little Miss,

Hot dogs and watermelon for the little guy,

And of course something to drink for Mama!  I can’t forget to take care of myself, right?  So with our non-traditional buffet menu set, it’s time to think about what the hubby and I will be drinking.

Here are a few drinks by some of my favorite food bloggers I’m considering.

White Chocolate Eggnog by Dawn Harris from Mama Harris’ Kitchen

White Chocolate Spiked Egg Nog Recipe - Mama Harris' Kitchen

Sparkling Mulled Cider by Kimberly Ann at Bake, Love, Give

Sparkling Mulled Cider from



Kumquat Martini by Adriana Martin at Adriana’s Best RecipesKumquat Martini #ABRecipes

OR, we could go with a favorite in our family – The Michelada.

Decisions, decisions. 😉

Happy New Year Friends!  Be safe!



by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.

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