Cranberry recipes: 3 ways to use your leftover cranberry sauce

Cranberry recipes 3 ways to use cranberry sauce

3 ways to use cranberry sauceI have a confession my friends.  Just this past week was the first time I have ever had cranberry sauce.  Ever!  Now before I continue, I should let you know something.  I LOVE CRANBERRIES!  Dried cranberries, cranberry juice, chocolate covered cranberries, cranberry vodka, cranberry scones, you name it.  So when I finally sampled a taste of homemade cranberry sauce (I used Elise Bauer’s cranberry sauce recipe over at Simply Recipes), I was like – why haven’t I tried this before?!  I’ve been missing out yo!

After having a few spoonfuls with our pre-Thanksgiving dinner ( a trial run) earlier last week, the ideas started strolling in.  So here’s what I did…

I made Chocolate Cranberry Pancakes

Cranberry Chocolate Pancakes Then I made super quick pillsbury cinnamon rolls topped with the cranberry sauce.

Cranberry Cinnamon RollsAnd finally, my favorite yet…

Cranberry Bread Pudding.  So delish my friends.

cranberry recipesThis one deserves a post all on its own though, so stay tuned for that recipe!  If you would like the Cranberry Bread Pudding recipe and other news from Spanglish Spoon delivered to your inbox,  let me know below by signing up to receive my newsletter.  In the meantime, save some of that leftover cranberry sauce for the bread pudding! 😉

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by Stephanie Chavez

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