DIY Fall Table Decor

DIY Fall Table Decor

DIY Fall Table DecorI’m not one for much DIY projects.  I don’t think I have the patience.  So whenever the cord strikes my inner creativity to create something, it’s usually something simple, and cheap.  THAT is my style.  Simple, easy, and cheap.  The inspiration for this particular DIY came from the small black lace pails I found at Target about a week ago.  I was skimming through the dollar section at Target and came across these just before I was ready to move on to my real shopping.  I fell in love with them immediately because of the lace pattern on top.  Don’t they pair well with the web lace table cloth (also from Target)?!  Once I saw them, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

DIY Fall Table DecorI headed over to Michael’s and picked up some faux cempazuchitl-like flowers and purchased one bunch for each pail.

Other materials I had on hand that I used to put these floral centerpieces together were:

  • Wire cutters
  • styrofoam for holding the bouquet in place
  • scotch tape to keep the bouquet gathered tightly

The styrofoam can also be purchased at Michael’s, but don’t forget to check the dollar store first for these items.  You can even use the green foam blocks that the Dollar store carries.

First thing I did was pull the leaves up closer to the flowers and bunch them up neatly to make a tight bouquet.  Then I wrapped the stems with scotch tape about an inch or two below the flowers and petals to keep the bouquet tight.

DIY Fall Table DecorNext, I measured the length of the stems to be the same length as the pails so that the flowers can rest just above the rim, then I clipped the stems with wire cutters one-by-one.

DIY Fall Table DecorFinally, I cut my block of styrofoam into four pieces by measuring the diameter of the bottom of the pail over each piece to ensure a snug fit inside the base of the pails.  Then I stuck the bouquet all the way through the center of each piece of styrofoam before placing the bouquet inside the pail.

I thought about securing the foam pieces down with hot glue, but I decided not to so that I can reuse the pails for Christmas and pack away these flowers with our Fall decor.  Now I have to figure out what flowers I will use next!  Any ideas?

DIY Fall Table Decor

by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.