Home Sick

snail with quote

Recently we moved to a new city, and although I am loving our new home, I have to admit I do miss our old city a teeny tiny bit.  I miss being able to hop in the car and 10 minutes later be at my Mamas house.  Even the familiarity of the ghetto that I grew up in is somehow being missed. Okay, maybe I don’t miss living in a ghetto neighborhood, but I do miss the familiarity of my hood because it’s where I spent 95% of my life. Maybe I’m feeling a little misplaced then?  I think that’s the real problem.  I’m in a city I’ve never lived in; totally out of my comfort zone in a city and neighborhood I know nothing about.  What I do know however, is that I love our new home.  It’s everything I could have asked for and more.  Plus, I have my kids and hubby with me, and that’s really all that matters.

Today marks the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), and with “finding my place in our new home” in mind, I want to share this quote by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortazar that really resonates with me right now.

snail with quote


by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.