A nightcap of the 2012 USGA Open? Do I have to??

2012 U.S. Open
2012 U.S. Open
Tiger Woods tees off at the eighth during the final round. (Copyright USGA/Joel Kowsky)

As a wife, I am going to be honest and say that my husband has it pretty good.  Yes, I am going to brag about myself today because I NEVER do and I deserve to, darn it.  Five or six days out of the week we have a good homecooked meal made by me of course. I clean, take good care of our children, save our family from having to pay for childcare while running a home daycare, and wash all our laundry when he’s too busy with work and comes home late.  When he wants to talk about work or something that he’s really into, I listen and show as much interest as I can without interrupting.  You know, everything a good wife is supposed to do, because I love him.

Well, for Father’s Day, my lucky husband got to go to the USGA Open 2012 Tournament in San Francisco with his own father.  Nice, right?!  They had a blast!  The only downer was that no one was allowed to bring in phones or cameras. He found the picture above and requested I use it on this post because they watched most of the game at this particular hole and were sitting somewhere on the right side.  Plus it’s a nice picture,don’t you think?

It was an all-day thing, so, I was solo again with the kids all day on Sunday.

I took them to a local park with a water play area since the weather was warm. We then dropped off a father’s day gift to a cousin and finished up with grocery shopping.  We came home, made dinner, ate, and finally went to visit my mom and step-dad for a while. We were back home by 9 pm to find a nice surprise – “Daddy’s home!”

He had been gone since 7:40 in the morning so we were really missing him.  Little did I suspect he would come back with goodies for us all!  Another nice surprise!  The kids stayed up later than they usually do because they just wanted to hang out with him and see him open his father’s day gifts from us.  Finally at about 10:30 we put them to bed and got ourselves ready for bed.

Here’s where I get to my point.

The good wife, me, who has been about 90% alone to tend to her home, children, and work this entire week was e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d.  All I wanted to do was go. to. bed.  Close my eyes, ears, brain, y a dormir (and sleep)!

Guess what?

There was one more thing I had to do.

I still needed to listen to a recap of my husband’s day.

OMG are you kidding me??!!


Did I say anything?


Because I love him.

He was SOOOOO excited and had such a great time, I wanted to hear about it and celebrate with him.  So, I listened.

I listened to his story of how close he was to so-and-so, who got a birdie, bogey, double bogey, the order in which the players went, how many and who played in teams, the route they took on the field, how so many players’ balls ended up in this one particular bunker.

Oh my gosh it was a lot to take in at 11:30 pm after a long day and hard week.  All I kept thinking was… make it stop!

I’m pretty sure after the first five minutes I wasn’t doing a good job of listening anymore because in the middle of a sentence he said, “you probably don’t want to hear anymore ha?”  with a sympathetic look on his face.  I nodded and said, “no, not really, I’m sorry.  I’m just really tired.”  He understood, smiled, and said ok.

Now if only he would listen to my stories just as much I listen to his.

I think there’s something wrong with his ears.

Or maybe not ;/

by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.