Quesadillas Two Ways

Quesadillas Two Ways

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Not all days are equal. Every day has its challenges. Whether simple or complex, we all at some point during the week find ourselves wishing we had the power of the force to get work, chores, errands and grocery shopping done like a Jedi. I’m not alone on this, right? If you have little ones at home like I do, I KNOW you have had those thoughts once or twice. Maybe not wishing you were a Jedi, but something of that nature where you could just get it all done by the wave or your hand.

I can never get it all done. There is NEVER enough time in the day to get everything I want done. The other day I wrote down all the things that need to get done on a daily basis. I came up with 7 items that totaled 8 hours (this includes my work hours). This does not include the two math tutoring sessions that my daughter goes to twice a week, nor does it include doing laundry, tidying up or making dinner. By the time dinner comes around, I’m tired!

Quesadillas are one of my simple meal solutions for after school snacks, or when I’m out of time for dinner. Yes, dinner. I have made quesadillas for dinner on many occasions. In fact, I think a lot of people do because they are so easy to make! Plus, you can customize them to each person. It helps when you have shredded or pre-sliced cheese on hand also. Two of my favorite ways to make a quesadilla are shared here today using Kraft Natural Shreds and slices. Check out the list and full step-by-step below!

Quesadillas two ways 2I’m always using the shredded cheddar jack combo. That particular blend is handy for quick meals like quesadillas, tacos, or over a warm bowl of beans because of how thinly shredded it is. It melts quicker!

I also like to have pepper jack slices on hand every now and then for an adult version of a grilled cheese sandwich, or quesadillas in this case.

Quesadillas Two Ways 3Some fillings we like to use in our quesadillas are mushrooms, olives, leftover chicken or meat, eggs, or sautéed zucchini and corn. Quesadillas are a great way to get creative and utilize what you already have in your pantry or fridge.

Quesadillas Two Ways 4I always start by warming up the tortilla on medium-low heat. Warm it just enough to make it pliable and soft without breaking when you have to fold it.

Quesadillas two ways 1Once it’s warm and softened, add two folded slices of the pepper jack cheese on one side of the tortilla. Fold the other half over the cheese and return the tortilla with cheese to the griddle. Warm each side, flipping the quesadilla over often until the cheese is melted.

Quesadillas two ways 1.1When the cheese is completely melted, open the tortilla and add a spoonful of the tomato and cilantro. Close it back up and enjoy it as is or place it on a serving platter that can be used to serve all the quesadillas at the same time.

Quesadillas Two Ways 5Sometimes I’ll go for the quesadilla version of a hawaiian pizza (except without the pizza bread of course). For this one, you don’t have to melt the cheese first because the shredded cheese melts super fast. If I was using pepper jack cheese for these, I would make them with the cheese first, then add the ham and pineapple after. In this case, warm the tortilla up first, then add the slice of ham, then cheese, then pineapple pieces. Fold the other side of the tortilla over, and return it back to the griddle to melt the cheese.

When your done, cut them all in half if you like, or not. Warm them all up in the microwave on the serving platter for about 15 seconds. This is just to get them all nice and warm together and to make sure the cheese is still perfectly melted when you start eating them. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Below is a sample of the different varieties of Kraft Natural Cheese I found at Walmart. I think next time I’ll pick up the Italian or Parmesan natural cheese shreds to use on spaghetti.

Which would you take home?

Quesadillas Two Ways 7Lucky for us there are few coupons we can take advantage of right now:

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by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.

  1. Stephanie

    School started for my boys this week, and I am already finding that I’m pressed for time to make dinner. In fact, we have quesadillas once a week because I always have the ingredients handy and they are so quick to make. I usually use the Kraft Shreds, but I love the option of using the Kraft Slices too! #client

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