Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie
Have I ever told you how much I don’t like to eat salads?  Fruit I’m ok with.  We have a good relationship, but when it comes to eating greens and veggies, wacala.  I could probably count the number of salads I ate last year on one hand. Sad, right?  I know, but it’s the truth.

That’s all changed now.  Since the beginning of the year my eating habits have dramatically changed (not by choice).  I’ve cut back on fried, overly processed, fatty foods, and have included smoothies and healthier snacks in between meals.  My portion sizes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner are no longer fit to serve two people either.  Because of this change, I’ve lost 13 pounds in one month!  Can you believe that?!

Times are changing, I’m not getting any younger, and my body is telling me to start eating right or it’s back to the hospital we go.  That’s not something I want to repeat ever again!  Since I was on a restricted diet after discovering I had gallstones, I started drinking green smoothies to fill me up.  That was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Maybe ever.  Today I’m sharing one that I recently made.  My husband and I both enjoyed it.

Strawberry Banana Green SmoothieThe ingredients are simple, but I didn’t include exact measurements because I’ve learned that there are different smoothie styles.  That sounds weird, but it’s true.  Some people like their smoothies sweeter than others, or little banana, or can’t stand the taste of the leafy greens.  It took me about two weeks to get used to the “green” taste and find the right consistency that I like.  It also took me about the same time to figure out how to use my blender to it’s full capacity. We all have different blenders that have different motors, blades, and power.

My blender is a Ninja. It came with a personal size blade attachment with cups that allows us to personalize each smoothie.  My kiddos don’t like greens in theirs, so I always have to make them something different.  My husband likes a lot of banana, and I’m still getting used to the banana in my smoothies.  So the Ninja has served us well in accommodating everyone.

Strawberry Banana Green SmoothieWhen making green smoothies, I’ve learned that it’s best to start with the tougher vegetables.  In this case, blend the celery in a little bit of the ice water until there are no pieces left.

Strawberry Banana Green SmoothieThen add the baby kale and pulverize the heck out of them, making sure there are no leaf remnants.  This is an absolute must for my smoothies because I’m still getting used to having greens on a regular basis.

Strawberry Banana Green SmoothieThen you can add the strawberries, banana, and some more of the ice and water.  Go easy on the water at first because if you add too much it might taste watery.  You can always add more if it’s too thick, but if it’s too watery, there ain’t no going back.  For this recipe I think I added about one cup of water with some of the ice.  And that’s about it!

Strawberry Banana Green SmoothieAs far as cups go, my favorite way to drink them is in a lidded cup with removable straw.  The reason I love to use these is because I can take my smoothie with me all around the house or yard and not worry about spilling it.  If I don’t finish before I leave the house, I can just put it in the fridge and finish it when I get back.  You can also use a mason jar with a lid if you’re avoiding plastic containers.  I’ve seen both types at Target.  The only problem with mason jars though is they  might not fit in your car cup holders.  The lidded cups with straws shown in the picture above will.

I hope you like it.  Cheers!

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 2 cups
Author Stephanie Chavez


  • 1/2 - 1 cup baby kale
  • 3/4 -1 cup strawberries
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1/2 - 1 whole banana
  • 3/4 - 1 cup water with ice


  1. Blend the celery in a little bit of the ice water until there are no pieces left. Add the Kale, blend again well. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.


by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.