In a funk

In a funk part 2

Sitting here on my comfy couch, listening to the t.v., typing away while someone outside is carelessly smoking a cigarette too close to our (open) patio door.  The faint sound of the propeller from the helicopter at the Hospital next door is about to take off.  Humming a little louder…….there it goes.  Off to rescue another citizen in distress.  I hope they’re ok.

Will I ever go to sleep before 1 am?  It might help to remove my computer and phone away from me.  Maybe not.  A book would most likely take their place.

I’ve been thinking about the “funk” that I’ve been in lately, and have finally come to the conclusion that not only do I have a serious case of cabin fever, but I’m burnt out.  The Daycare thing isn’t working out so well as it turns out.  It did for the first two years but now that I’m getting close to my third anniversary, I fear that my motivation and passion for Early Childhood Education is slowly disappearing because there is no break from it.  I live and breath the life of Child Development every day!

There are a lot of other factors contributing to this funk that keeps pulling me down, and after hours upon hours of…wait…there goes an ambulance leaving the hospital.  I hope it doesn’t wake up the kids.

As I was saying…hours upon hours of trying to figure out a way to bring me out of this funk, I can honestly say that I am ready to move on.

The whole reason behind having a daycare was to be able to stay home with my children while they were babies.  Now that my son is 15-months-old, running and climbing everything, it’s time.  It’s time for change.  Either that or take a break from work and enjoy the few years that my children are this young.

My profession has made me become a better mother and I absolutely love what I do, but watching other peoples’ children in my own home wasn’t as liberating as I thought it would be. There ARE ups and downs and lately the ups are outweighing the downs, but that still isn’t enough.  These long 10-hour-operation days have got to go for one.  I think we are all done with it in fact.

Is having a Daycare in my home difficult?  YES.  Do I regret it? No.  Not at all.  Would I want to do this another two years?  Definitely not.  The problem is that I don’t know what I want to do yet.  It would be nice to actually make some money from my blog, but I haven’t figured out how to do that in a way that will still be rewarding for both myself and my readers.  Also, it isn’t easy. The amount of online social networking involved in getting a blog noticed is crazy!

Right now Spanglish Spoon is my way of expressing myself and my thoughts and most importantly a great way for me to share what I love to do the most – to cook!  Where my blog is heading is the big question.  Right now I am happy with Spanglish Spoon and the path that it has taken the last two months.  At least that much I know.


by Stephanie Chavez

Author & Content Creator for Spanglish Spoon.